We are TEN



We at TEN apply 10 commandments during the provision of our services. While this is a matter of course for us, it is perhaps enlightening to you. We therefore take this opportunity to explain our practical rules to you.

Adopt a practical approach
Assessing your case in terms of legislation and regulations is both essential and an interesting challenge to us. For you, however, one thing really counts: how we resolve the problem as practically and quickly as possible. Without losing sight of the legal context, we take a pragmatic approach to your case. We are familiar with the law and are aware of the most recent case law and literature. This offers you the assurance that everything we propose is legally correct. On the other hand, you needn't worry about receiving advice that is the length of an essay.
It’s OK to smile 😉
We appreciate that a dispute or argument is nothing to smile about from your perspective. We therefore take every case seriously. However, that does not mean that we proceed to gaze at you from behind a desk with a look of impending doom. We are accessible, informal and can sense an opportunity to adopt a more cheerful tone. We are also happy to visit you, if you prefer. In your own home or working environment, you are often more likely to feel a bit more comfortable. That means you are more readily inclined to crack a smile.
Be creative
We take the liberty to stray from the beaten track and go pioneering. While case law naturally serves as a framework, it also offers opportunities. Even when a case appears irresolvable, we find a way out. We also let our creativity run free during courses, master classes and meetings. We are pleased to bring you up to speed on current affairs that may have escaped your attention, or issues that are simply not clear in your mind.
We speak plainly
Lawyers often have a vocabulary that dates back to the distant past, and are all too happy to apply it. This may sound very impressive, but it also creates a distance. We both love the Dutch language and are fully acquainted with the age-old legal jargon. As the law continues to develop rapidly, however, so we adapt our use of language accordingly. The letters, advice and procedural documents we provide are all characterized by plain language, a clear overview and persuasiveness. Straightforward and determined.
You may address us informally
Please call us by our first names. We prefer it if you address us in an informal manner. And if you wish, we will do likewise. That creates a feeling of trust and promotes cooperation.
Keep things simple, no matter how difficult they might appear.
No two cases are ever the same. They may involve a broad range of interests, opinions and interpretations. And while resolving a dispute often proves quite a challenge, it is a challenge we are pleased to accept. We go back to the heart of the matter and map out the problem as simply as possible. We then do our utmost to also resolve the matter as simply as possible. We write letters when we consider it a worthwhile approach, or make a telephone call if we think it is more appropriate. And if you still have a query about our approach or advice? Then we would be happy to explain it to you again.
We commit to the case
We are leading specialists in the aforementioned areas of law. From the intake to a possible court ruling, we remain committed to your case. In issuing advice, we remain alert to the details, while also clearly formulate matters. And if litigation is necessary, we stand firmly behind you. We are resolute and driven. We make decisions, although we always consult you first of course.
You can learn to put things into perspective
No one actually enjoys getting involved in a conflict. And the fact that it inevitably evokes emotions is highly understandable. We therefore offer people scope to express their emotions. We listen, we offer support and we examine what is going on exactly. In our experience, a case usually offers more opportunities and possibilities than you might think. We are happy to discuss the positive side with you.
Long live the future
Some cases call for swift action. We appreciate the need for a practical approach. Planning for the future is just as important, however. We would be pleased to help you define your strategy and policy. Nor do we mind thinking along with you about a structural solution for the long term.
No financial smokescreens
When engaging our services, you know in advance where exactly you stand. We apply transparent and competitive rates, and are happy to give you a fair estimate of the costs in advance. We like to avoid unpleasant surprises afterwards, and therefore endeavour to keep costs well within reason. You can rely on that.