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Marja Oude Luttikhuis – EN


Marja Oude Luttikhuis

“Ignorance of the law gives rise to more litigation than knowledge of the law”

I have been a family law practitioner and (divorce) mediator for over twenty years. Patience, attention and analytical skills are the strengths I bring to bear in guiding clients through a difficult period in their lives. I am sincere and clear about the (legal) opportunities available. The considerable experience and knowledge I have acquired throughout years enable me to accurately assess such matters. 

I relish the challenge devising a solution together with my clients. I invariably do so by clearly outlining the scope of the discussion.
If there really is no other option, however, then I endeavour to achieve the most favourable outcome possible through litigation.

Member of the Dutch Association of Mediation Lawyers
Member of Accredited by the Mediators’ Federation of the Netherlands (MfN)